The Fire Island Community

Fire Island is a place that's perfect for renters and ideal for families. It is a paradise for children and a summer haven for all. Easily accessible by walking or bicycling - beaches are just minutes from your residence. There are exercise classes, tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, fishing, bird watching and, of course, the soft, warm sand and picturesque beaches.

You'll enjoy, festivals, fairs, parades, and garden and house tours. There are many fine restaurants to dine at that are easily accessible by water taxi from any community. With all communities being basically “vehicle free,” it's safe for you and your children to bicycle on paths and boardwalks.

If you are looking for a place to rent for the entire summer, two weeks, a month, or July and August, then choose a place that's just an hour ride from Manhattan and a picturesque ferry trip across the Great South Bay.
It is not uncommon for families that have been renting to choose to buy. Enjoy decorating and renovating your new waterside paradise. Take satisfaction in knowing your children, and their children, will have a place to remember and share for years to come.

Fire Island, where the air is clean and life is great.

Larson Realty

"Fire Island's Choice" offers the largest selection of Sales and Rentals in Saltaire, while also serving Kismet, Fair Harbor, Dunewood and Lonelyville. The Larson's founded Larson Realty in 1990 and provide full service, year-round to homeowners, buyers and renters.

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Our office is located at 206 Broadway in Saltaire, just over a block from the ferry dock. Whatever your needs may be, please feel free to email us at or call us at (631) 583-9100.

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